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1:1 Therapy Sessions
All Our Programs Are OAP Approved and Provided by Registered Professionals

ABA & IBI Therapy

Our ABA & IBI programs encompass all areas of development, including self-help, language, social-emotional, fine and gross motor, academic and safety awareness skills.  After an initial assessment completed by our BCBA & Senior Therapist, programs are clinically developed to meet the needs of the individual child. These programs are evaluated and reviewed regularly to ensure acquisition of new skills are being acquired at the appropriate rate. We encourage and ask for family participation and involvement in all aspects of programming.

Speech Therapy

 Our one-to-one therapy with a registered Speech-Language Pathologist can help target your child’s speech and language goals. We use motivating and fun activities to optimize your child’s progress. In addition, parent involvement in the sessions and following up with at-home activities will maximize his/her learning.

All our Speech Therapists are registered members of the College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists of Ontario.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists will work closely with you and your child to help your child engage in day-to-day activities and daily life skills. Some areas we can assist with:

  • Feeding (picky, gagging, sensitivity to flavours, chewing difficulties, bottle feeding, transitioning to an open cup and/or solid foods, textured foods, etc.)

  • Sensory integration & regulation (sensitivity to sound/textures/tastes, excess/intense seeking of sensory stimulation, etc.)

  • Fine & gross motor skills (e.g. challenges with writing, using scissors, using cutlery, zippering, buttoning, etc.)

  • Muscle tone & coordination

  • Autonomy

All our Occupational Therapists are registered members of the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario.


Our respite enhances the primary caregivers capacity to provide care for the family member with a disability living at home through the provision of indirect assistance. Indirect assistance can help provide relief to the primary caregiver so that they may take some time away from care-giving, or from one or more of their other responsibilities. 


Our purpose of support in this area is to assist children in learning and developing specific goals by acquiring new skills. The overall goal is to enable children with disabilities to expand on current skills and/or acquire new skills.  A broad range of goals may be include:​​

  • Activities of daily living

  • Behaviour programs

  • Mobility

  • Communication

  • Social skills

  • Developmental programs

Consultation Inquires

We deliver workshops to parents, educators and community members who can benefit from extra knowledge on supporting children and families. The delivery method is flexible and can be catered to small or large groups. Topics range from knowledge understanding various disabilities to providing inclusive environments, adapting materials to meet the child’s needs and how to deal with challenging behaviours.


We provide assistance with applications and guidance with the OAP process. All applications are completed together leaving us responsible to send all the required information directly to the Ministry.


If you are still unclear about which service would best suit your family needs, please book a free 15 minute consultation to discuss the best option. 

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