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Get To Know Us And Our Philosophy

A B O U T  M E

Jessica Luis,


Meet Jessica, our founder and creator who started her journey in the field of behavioural science in 2010 when she met a family with twin girls, who ultimately were diagnosed on the autism spectrum. It was through the amount of time spent with this family that Jessica began to learn the world of autism and became passionate to work with children and their families. After working for different organizations and providers, it was clear there was something missing in the field. 

Jessica had a vision to offer different support services where families felt comfortable and accepted. She wanted others to have a place they could come to where they knew they would be active participants in their child’s programs and comfortable to share their hopes, fears and concerns. JM Wellness Kids Inc. was started in 2018 with hopes of achieving that goal.

While being a member of the College of Early Childhood Educators and having received an Honoured Bachelor of Applied Science in Early Childhood, Jessica pursued post-graduate studies and received her Honoured Master’s in Science, Childhood Studies. Not feeling satisfied and wanting to do more to help families in all areas, Jessica completed the Behaviour Technician Program at the Geneva Centre and worked hard to complete an additional degree with a Bachelor of Social Work. It is through her passion to help families as a whole that Jessica combines both her educational knowledge, as well as her years of direct experience working with children and families, to offer a holistic approach of support.

Professional Education & Experience 

Bachelor of Social Work  

Behaviour Technician 

Masters of Applied Science in Childhood Education with Honours 
Bachelor of Applied Science in Childhood Studies with Honours
Early Childhood Education Diploma with Honours 

Our Values

1- Community Collaboration 

We believe children should be treasured and valued. We strive to provide quality service designed to serve each child’s potential. We embrace and encourage family, caregiver and community participation in the therapy process. It is our goal to empower children to positively engage, perform and participate in life and the world around them.


2- Family Centred

Navigating the therapy process for your child does not have to be another challenge. We know this system and how it works and will guide you through each step along the way.  You are not alone on this journey and our team is here to support both your child and your family.


3- Leadership & Accountability 

JM Wellness Kids Inc. understands that the care and support of our clients and families is our highest priority. When you place your trust in our team to address the concerns you have identified, we take this responsibility very seriously. We are committed to work beyond your expectations to deliver the best service and support available.

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